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Sight Unseen



Sight Unseen is an exciting project that LA actor Nicholas Downs and I are working on. We met when I interviewed him for Divine Magazine and watched his wonderful film, ‘Is It Just me?’ and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Nicholas wrote a screen play based on a story concept he had. He’s read my books, likes my style and characterisation so it seemed like a great idea to expand on his idea and write a full blown story we can put out there for people to read.

That’s my job, and I hope I do his idea justice.  The exciting bit is that once the book is published, Nicholas and I are going to write a screen play together and see whether we can get the book to film. It may even be that Nicholas ends up taking the main role if it all works out but that remains to be seen. He’d make a fabulous Nate I can tell you.

Time will tell how it all goes, but we anticipate release of the book to be in November 2016. Sight Unseen is the story of Nate and Cody. It’s a ‘friends, to friends with benefits, to friends to lovers’ story. Nate is blinded in a freak accident and as an up and coming sculptor, he thinks his life is over. He loses the man he thought he loved, has to learn to adapt to his situation and is frustrated and hurt. There is one constant in his life though- through it all he has his best friend Cody. Cody, who’s been in love with Nate since they were teenagers.



It’s a story about unrequited relationships, a man who slowly realises that while he’s lost something he’s found something else and deals with the strength of friendship and courage in life changing circumstances.  Hopefully it turns out to be my trademark angst driven relationship story, and it will have a sexy sizzle, humour and a lot of romance.

We have a Facebook page under construction where you can catch up on updates once the site gets running properly. At the moment it’s a work in progress. You can also see our Twitter account here @SightUnseenPR. Feel free to like the page, follow us on Twitter and we’d appreciate any shares as well.

I look forward to keeping you updated on this project and hope you’re as excited as I am.



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