Author Susan Mac Nicol

Adult content warning – Over 18's only please.

Tempt the Tastebuds Teasers

Val's pic WKKaren Jonesworth-picKaren's teaser LOAOliverOver the years, some wonderful readers and fans have made my day by making me teasers for my books. Here you can enjoy them too.


87d48-flying2bsolo2bteaser2b1cd23a-flying2bsolo2bteaser2b2CtBCTB Pic 1Collage 58More thanClay aloneTeaserKaren teaserMatty and Shay JenTroublepizap.trampstampLeslie_heels 2WantingS and S Joanne 2S and S Joanne 1LYS_Fiona5LYS_Fiona4Karen JonesFiona collageBrenda 4Portrait of a beautiful young man with strip of leatherOFTH4_FionaGideonJennifer's PicJen's PicJoanneFollow meLYS look after youLYS_Fiona2Shower sceneShed's a rockinBrenda 3Can we fuck nowI Love youpizap1SY FionaStripped Bare tiedMatty and Shay Jen

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